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Ribbon series L Desk 6943

Ribbon series L Desk 6943


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Introducing the Ribbon series L Desk 6943 - a sleek and stylish addition to any modern workspace. Crafted with precision in Texas, this top of the line desk is made to order and guaranteed to elevate your office aesthetic. Its unique L-shaped design allows for maximum productivity and organization, while its premium materials ensure durability and long-lasting quality. With ample desk space and a contemporary design, the Ribbon series L Desk 6943 is the perfect choice for those who appreciate functionality and modern elegance. Transform your workspace with this striking desk and experience the difference of a truly superior office furnishing.

Desk shown in wood grain.
  • DeskMakers

    Built-to-Order in Dallas

    All DeskMakers products are designed in LA and built-to-order by our 90+ employees working in our Los Angeles and Dallas factories. Manufacturing at our own facility allows us to customize orders in almost unlimited sizes, finishes, and configurations.

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