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copy of Overture Height Adjustable L Shape Reception Station -

copy of Overture Height Adjustable L Shape Reception Station -

Upgrade your office with the Overture Height Adjustable U Shape Reception Station -111 from Office Furniture. This versatile, ergonomic reception station combines modern design with practical functionality, allowing you to transform your workspace effortlessly. Designed to cater to a dynamic office environment, its height-adjustable feature ensures comfort for all users. Built with high-quality materials, it reflects our commitment to quality and practicality. Enhance your office setup and make a lasting impression with this exceptional addition.
  • DeskMakers

    Built-to-Order in Dallas

    All DeskMakers products are designed in LA and built-to-order by our 90+ employees working in our Los Angeles and Dallas factories. Manufacturing at our own facility allows us to customize orders in almost unlimited sizes, finishes, and configurations.

  • Overture

    Elevate your workspace. Overture's new era in reception desks – now height-adjustable for the perfect fusion of design, quality, and function. Choose from diverse finishes, materials, sizes, and styles for a tailored introduction to your space.

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