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9to5 JAX 9224

9to5 JAX 9224

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Introducing the 9to5 JAX 9224, the perfect addition to any office space in Austin, Texas. This sleek and modern chair features sturdy wood legs and comes in a variety of rich fabric options, allowing you to customize your workspace to your personal style. With its ergonomic design and comfortable seating, the 9to5 JAX 9224 is the ideal choice for those long days in the office. Whether you're working at a desk or in a conference room, this chair has everything you need to stay productive and comfortable all day long. Upgrade your office furniture with the 9to5 JAX 9224 and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality.

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    9to5 seating A Perpetually Forward Thinking Company

    Sit down and get comfortable. While sitting comes naturally, there’s much more to the “get comfortable” part of this saying. It might take a simple height adjustment or a slide of the seat pan, but if the price of the chair does not align with your budget, it’ll never be the right fit for you. At 9to5 Seating, we focus exclusively on seating, bringing a new sense of design, comfort, health, and well-being to individual occupants of spaces. While other manufacturers invest in diversifying their offerings, we are 100% invested in making the most personal piece of furniture align with all of your needs. From task to lounge, we are designing and delivering chairs that are as much function as form. We also provide one of the industry’s best warranties, so not only will you be comfortable, you’re sure to stay that way with us.



      We are dedicated to eco-friendly and American manufacturing.



      We have built top quality products for over 30 years – chairs that are built to last.



      We believe in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to manufacturing and design.



      We allow our customers to customize their chairs to best suit their style and needs.



      We never settle. We insist on sourcing our own materials, utilizing cutting-edge technology, providing superior value, and completely satisfying our customers.

    Designed to Be Accessible

    At 9to5, we place a strong emphasis on design and accessibility. Our efforts are laser-focused on one thing: improving efficiencies and the performance of seating. Our industrial design thinking, engineering forte, manufacturing automation, vertical integration, and sourcing savvy enable us to deliver quality, beautiful seating products that won’t break the budget. Our chairs are built to be accessible, and that’s just one of the reasons for our continued growth. Pair that with our award-winning designs and overall high quality, and it becomes easy to see why we’re a favorite choice among both designers and facility managers.

    Customers, Please Take a Seat

    Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We have specialists in the field and at our headquarters ready to assist end users, facility managers, interior designers, or furniture dealers. Our passion is the relentless effort to please. In addition to great service, we invest in advanced technologies throughout our operations, making it simple to configure products, order, track, and service with the utmost accuracy. Our automation specialists are always implementing innovations in our manufacturing processes, raising quality and shortening lead times. From the first meeting and throughout your relationship with 9to5 Seating, you can truly sit back and relax.

    Ahead of the Curve

    We know that the pace of change is always accelerating. Our culture is one of innovation. It’s in our atmosphere. Some say it’s our forward-thinking California team, our constant exploration of what’s next in design and technology, or the fact that we’re a part of Flokk, the European leader in seating brands. We say it’s all of those things and more. Bottom line: We do it so you can rely on us to consistently deliver industry-leading innovations engineered to align with the needs of an ever-changing market.

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