When Selecting Our Refurbished Herman Miller AO2 series product it is alot like buying new. You select the Layout , the height , The amount and type of storage you need , The fabric, the laminate and the paint color. 


Most of our clients  can not belive this product  not brand New!


Or Design team will help you come up with the layout and function of the station , the layout of your enitre space , color options , electrical plans . We will provide a 3D space paln and time line of instalation. 


How do we do all of this at no cost to our clients ? 

We know the quality of our work is par none , our price point is competive and customer service is somthing diferent. 


Our refurbished Herman Miller Ao2 product is not only cost efective and amazing looking . It is Green . Each cubicles you buy reuses over 400 pounds of raw matrials from going to waste. 






Refurbished Herman Miller -9