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L shape T 3001

L shape T 3001


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The L shape T 3001 is the perfect addition to any custom desk in Austin, Texas. This contemporary and sleek T-shaped design provides ample space for work and organization, making it a versatile addition to any home office or business setting. The durable construction of the L shape T 3001 ensures long-lasting durability, while its modern look adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace. Whether used for computer work, studying, or simply as a stylish addition to the room, this desk component is a must-have for anyone in Austin looking for a custom desk solution. The L shape T 3001 is sure to elevate the style and functionality of any custom desk in Austin, Texas.

Desk shown in wood grain.
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    Built-to-Order in Dallas

    All DeskMakers products are designed in LA and built-to-order by our 90+ employees working in our Los Angeles and Dallas factories. Manufacturing at our own facility allows us to customize orders in almost unlimited sizes, finishes, and configurations.

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