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Office Chairs

Don't Forget the Office Chairs when Planning Your Cubicles

The walls of cubicles spring to mind first when planning to convert an open space, but these are just part of what makes these enclosures successful. The office chairs, desks, file units, and other elements are just as important. When done right, all of the pieces will work together to enhance the productivity of those who use the offices, all while providing the right amount of comfort to prevent fatigue.

Office chairs are some of the most important parts of a cubicle office. Each chair needs to swivel easily so that the user can quickly turn around to reach file cabinets, printers, or other necessary equipment that is to the side or behind the sitting area. If the cubicles Austin Texas are large enough to need to roll the chair to make the stretch, the chair also needs casters that work on the flooring surface. Typically, office chair casters are specialized to work on either carpet or tile, rather than both, so be sure to choose the right type for your setting.

The desk is also crucial in a cubicle. One of the most important things is to make sure that it is tall enough for proper, ergonomic use. Sometimes, there is a tendency to make them shorter, but this does not actually save space and leads to back problems. Always ensure that the desk and chair are at heights that are friendly to users' bodies. If you do want to save space, choose a desk that's narrower – just be sure that there is still enough room to actually do the company's work in an efficient way. A good office furniture store will have desks of all sizes to choose from.

Next is the file system, if any, that your cubicles will have. A compact way to store files is to use desks with one or more file pedestals. However, if this could take up too much leg room, so it's better to have a separate file cabinet within easy reach. Either way, adding a cabinet will provide storage space and make it much easier to keep cubicle space tidy. If no actual files will be involved, you can go for a set of drawers instead of a cabinet that has file-hanging hardware.

Finally, it's time to pay attention to those walls. The walls for cubicles Austin Texas can be much more versatile than the typical permanent ones used in building. One popular option is to get walls that can accept stick pins. This lets people tack notes and other things up without causing damage. If your office prefers to use Post-Its or markers instead, you can get cubicle walls with hard sides. These accept adhesives, so you can stick notes or stick-on hooks to them.

All of these elements can be found at Logical Office Furniture, an office furniture store in Austin. Just stop by or visit the site to see all of the possibilities.

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